Sunday, May 16, 2010

Victorious For Lyme: Art Quilt Project

Hi everyone, it's time for an update on Victorious For Lyme: Art Quilt Project and May is Lyme Awareness Month!

I have been taking online workshops & a Quilting Arts class to help me with this project.  The Lyme ribbon pictured here was done in class where I learned to applique using "Steam A Seam" fusible paper backing...I added my own crazy stitching to it to make it my own.  =)

I am incorporating many of the techniques into the art quilt that I'm now learning. Many people have asked me about the quilt & when it will be done. I plan on doing a series of art quilts, not one that you will snuggle up with.  =)   This is a work-in-progress & I am learning A LOT right now, that is for sure! I am not exactly sure what the end result will be, as I am working in a very free & intuitive manner...working from sketches of my ideas but not holding myself to them.  My 2 favorite artists that inspire me right now are...

Traci Bautista...check out her amazing book, "Collage Unleashed" as well as her online workshops.
Alisa Burke...she has an amazing blog where she shares simple but oh-so-beautiful projects & art.

Here are some of the pictures I have already printed on fabric...faces of Lyme, prescriptions, supplements, PICC lines, treatments...these pictures are so powerful!!  It's not too late to submit your Lyme pictures...submit them here on Facebook, or here on Flickr

I've been busy uploading a ton of pictures for you to check out...please share the Victorious For Lyme: Art Quilt Project Facebook group & Flickr link with your Lyme friends & family...I'd love to get more HEAD SHOTS of those with Lyme, as well as pictures of your PICC line, medicine counter, medical equipment, treatments, rashes, before & after pictures, hospital or surgery get the idea!

I have received a few boxes at my P.O. Box, but would love to see it overflowing with packages!! If not a package, then how about sending me a POSTCARD with your hand written message on it to be sewn into the art quilt? Put some paint on your hand & stamp it on an old t-shirt or a piece of paper, sign & send it to me. Write your thoughts on fabric or paper...whatever you have will work! Maybe you have denial letters or other papers that can be collaged...anything goes!!!  

Please send your Lyme Art Quilt contribution to:

Victorious Vixen
P.O. Box 2404
Cypress, CA 90630

I'll have more to share with you soon, as I have taken on more projects to help my Lyme friends. Until then, you are all in my prayers & I am so grateful for your help. I've been deeply moved by the many stories shared & hope to convey that in my work.