Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Fun

If you know me, then you know I like to be silly & have fun!  Last year we came up with a silly & cheap costume idea for the girls..."Sticker Monsters!"  For the record, they really did have costumes but this was just spontaneous & for fun.

So this year, the sticker monsters made another appearance...and I joined in on the fun!

 Kyra thought this gift tag would make for a great set of bug it girl!

Then I had some leftover streamers & thought my cuties would make some pretty cute they are all wrapped up.

Have a FUN & SAFE Halloween everyone - and if you have a fun costume idea to share, I'd love to hear it!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Noah's Ark Watermelon

My Kyra girl celebrated her 5th birthday in class this past Friday.  Instead of the usual cupcakes, I wanted to do something the pressure was on for it to be extra special so the cupcakes wouldn't be missed.  Her teacher gave me the idea for a fruit salad, so I decided to go with a Noah's Ark watermelon!  I looked up a few pics on the internet of what the ark should look like & went to work.

I marked my major cut lines & cut away the top parts of the watermelon very carefully.  I cut out a big square in the middle for the entrance to the ark and smaller squares in pairs for windows around the whole thing.

Kyra had the idea to use the animal crackers...that was a great idea!  We glued seven popsicle sticks on top of another one that was cut in half to make the bridge which the animals used to board the ark.

I drained out as much of the excess watermelon juice as possible...didn't want it flooded inside the ark, ya know!  Then I used some "scrap" watermelon rind to construct a mini rooftop, secured with toothpicks.  We put the cut up fruit around the watermelon...just love how this looks all put together!

I carefully placed the animals in the windows, 2 of each kind next to each other & filled another plate with more animal crackers...all set!

Here it is in the classroom before the kiddos had at it...and there is a model Noah's Ark behind it!  =)

My Kyra girl was very happy & had a super special day celebrating her birthday at school.  She gave me the biggest thank you hug for making the special Noah's Ark watermelon & took this picture for me.  =)  
Happy Birthday Kyra, you are such a blessing to my life & so many others.  You are bright, thoughtful & very affectionate...I love you my Kyra girl!

For more watermelon fun & ideas, check out the pics & links I found below...enjoy!!