Lyme Projects

A series of art quilts that depict different aspects of the life of a Lyme disease patient.

Lyme patients, please send me your pictures of anything you deem Lyme-related. Medicine & supplement bottles, syringes, PICC line, treatments, as creative as you want.  I want everyone to see what you are going through & what your daily life is like.

Upload your pictures here on the
Victorious For Lyme Facebook Page

I've also made it easy for you to contribute to the quilt...just pick up a square of fabric in my Etsy shop here:

You'll receive one funky & hand painted envelope, containing one fabric square of unbleached cotton.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to put your message about Lyme disease out there for all to see. Be as simple or creative as you like...paint, sew, embellish if you are inspired to. You add postage & mail it back to me...I will incorporate your square into the final piece.

Thank you for your contributions!

Read more about my project on CALDA's blog:

I'm making several special creations to benefit Elizabeth Chalker's life-saving treatment.
Please visit to read her story & find out how you can help!

Elizabeth's Book! 
Hanging On by the Scratch Marks My Nails Left Behind
                                                 (Raw Faith) 

Elizabeth has written a powerful, God inspired book that will encourage and help strengthen anyone who reads it.  If you are in the midst of suffering, or struggling through intense hardships, then this book will provide solice and hope to pull you out of the darkness and into the light!

Elizabeth is still courageously fighting for her life and to get the resources necessary to receive life-saving medical treatment.

Offer exclusive to this site:
For those who make a contribution of $35.00 or more to help Elizabeth, you can request a personalized,
signed copy of her book (shipping included within the US, add $5 if international)!
To contribute online now and receive your copy of Elizabeth's God inspired book, click on the link below!