Sunday, November 20, 2011

Skateboard Deck Gallery Show

This past weekend I went to the Skateboard Deck Gallery Show at Catalyt in Westminster, was so awesome!  A total FEAST for photographers and I had more than my share that night.  =)  I took this as an opportunity to practice adjusting the settings on my camera and trying out some creative shots to help prepare me for an upcoming wedding shoot.  I am loving photography & hoping to use more of my pics in my quilting and mixed media work...after this show, my mind was exploding with ideas and new inspiration!!

All the artwork was done with skateboards and most were displayed on the wall.  I was invited by Brandon, a youth pastor at West Cypress Church who submitted 2 large pieces of artwork for display.  Here he is below, checking out some of the other pieces on display.

Click below for the complete web album and a TON more pictures of the artwork...waaaay too many for one blog post!:
2011.11.19 Skateboard Deck Gallery Show

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