Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Tough Day...

My biggest challenge is my 3 year-old daughter Kyra. She has been the toughest little girl to deal with as of late. From whining to kicking & screaming, this girl is testing my every bit of patience. After a meltdown, I am emotionally & physically drained. My 15-month-old, Ava, is usually crying by now as well & my husband is ready to jump out the window of our 2nd-story house. YIKES!!!

I seriously don't know what to do. I have tried all sorts of methods & end up feeling defeated, not to mention the guilt of having a household that is in turmoil. I'm not talking about a couple of fits or a few power struggles. I'm talking about waking up upset & going to bed upset & being upset for the majority of the time in between. I dropped her off to my mother-in-law's house for some relief today, but as soon as I picked her up, the tantrums resumed.

On a positive note, I made it out for my morning jog. I made it all the way (a little more than 3 miles) without stopping! I sprinted at the end for a strong finish. It's been so cold in the mornings that my hands are freezing! My eyes tear up endlessly and am constantly wiping them. I usually start with my jacket on & end up tying it around my waist when I get too hot to wear it anymore. Today I left it on the entire time!

On a crafty note, I finished up the burp cloths for my friend Amy last night. They turned out pretty cute...white flannel trimmed with Heather Bailey Pop Garden brown Sway fabric & pink ric rac. I was going to quilt them but decided not to after all. I also started Heather Bailey's Hooray For Headbands using the same fabric...I'll finish up after posting as crafting is the other stress relief outlet I have (exercising is the first)! Pics to follow soon....hopefully!

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