Saturday, September 25, 2010

Funky Revamped Skirt

Here is another Wardrobe Refashion I crafted using a pair of old jeans.  I was going for a funky & comfy is the "before" shot...

I turned the jeans inside out, cut up along the inseam & cut to the length I wanted.

Then I picked out some hot pink cheetah fabric to "fill in" the gaps in the front & back.  I cut it to size, pinned it in place & did some wild free motion zig zag stitching using pink thread..
You can see the stitching here, along with the black & white zebra ruffle I pinned along the bottom of the skirt.  I wanted mine to be on the wild side so I kept the raw edges frayed, but you can finish the edges for a tidy look.  I also pinned the ruffle with the skirt on top...again, for a wild & frayed look.
Then it was time to sew on the ruffle...I used a zig zag stitch, pulling the pins as I go.
I attached a funky pocket to the side of the skirt, made from a quilted log cabin block that I had in my stash.  Before I stitched it on to the skirt, I did some more wild free motion zig zag plan, just going for it!
Then I added my signature free motion "V" to the back...
...and she's all done!  I now have a funky revamped skirt with a cool little pocket, made especially to fit my cell phone.  =)
Here is the wild free motion zig zag stitching I did on the front and a couple pics of the front & back. 
My next revamp is in the works right features some really fun fabric I scored & another t-shirt.  Can you say comfortably cute!!!  Thanks for stopping by...if you have any questions or comments, I'd love to hear from you.  =)

Happy Revamping!


  1. ah, thanks Teddi! It was really fun...I totally think I need to make matching skirts for my girls too! =)

  2. Love it as usual Nani! I suddenly gained back all my normal weight and had to put 1/2 my clothes into a "to be upcycled" pile. A skirt is a great idea!!!

  3. WOW! LOVE IT!!!!! I like how you did the before and after shots! Simply Fab!

  4. Amazing, great work, oove the skirt! :-)))


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