Monday, August 29, 2011

in the making...Nightmare reVamp

Finished this bag's a custom "The Nightmare Before Christmas" reVamped sleepover bag made with  hot pink duck canvas, black and white zebra print & snippits of a special Jack Skelington knit.  We just love this movie, so getting to sew with it was a lot of fun for me!

I thought I'd share some pictures of this bag in the's what it looked like before the reVamp...

Before...a small, flat, canvas tote

I cut up the bag & added strips of fabric to it...

I usually work without a pattern, just a very free & spontaneous flow of cutting & piecing fabric.
I like to have a lot of contrast & interest in my pieces...HOT PINK is just what I was thinking for this sweet tween girl who has a bit of an edgy side too!  =)

B&W striped piping with zebra webbing handles...oh yeah!  I ended up using the zebra lining as piping instead of this striped one...either one would work just fine.
I added a textured zebra lining to this bag by free motion quilting all the black stripes on the zebra's a LOT of sewing, but sooooo worth it!  Every so often I have to stop and change out a broken needle...another one bites the dust!

Here is the sturdy interfacing that I used for this bag...pellon 1-sided fusible 71F - retails for $7.99/yard.  You adhere it to your fabric using an iron...easy, peasy!

 All my pieces are sewn together & pinned to the interfacing...

Finally, it's all finished up and ready to go home with it's new owner...
I sure will miss this was really hard to let it go!

Tana, I hope you love your reVamped bag...enjoy!  =)

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