Monday, February 2, 2009

Catching Up...KEEPING Up & Running

I'm playing catch up with my Project 365 pics...I didn't have much to choose from since I wasn't officially doing it yet, but managed to find a few that I liked so far.

This is New Year's Day, wearing my very first pair of size 2 jeans! They are from Express, who is so generous with their sizing, so it is more like a 4-6! =) That's okay, I was just thrilled to have to buy smaller jeans because my skinny jeans were falling off of me! I had been working really hard (running 3 miles at 6 AM before my girls woke up) to get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes so it was VERY satisfying for me.

I have gotten a LOT of satisfaction from sewing, so I was excited to take a picture of the new thread I got from Jo-Anns. I used the purple/pink one for the quilted wallet shown in the picture with it and I loved how it turned out.

One of my very favorite things to do is GO to the public library & GO CRAZY! I check out a million books at a time & do heavy skimming for the most part. I look for what interests me & soak up as much as I can, when I can. I love reading to my girls (Dr. Seuss is my favorite to read) and they LOVE being read to! Another thing about the library that I love is all the cheap books you can buy! I try to pick up something everytime I go. Today, I bought a little wooden bookshelf for $4! I was so excited!

So today's P365 pic is of Kyra at the library. She was excited to wear this flower clippy that I made. I love how big & bright it is! She is really soaking in Mrs. Campbell's story about Groundhog's Day...look at the focus on her face!

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I had a personal victory today - running to & from the library with the double stroller! It is a tough workout...especially against the Santa Ana winds! It works out to be a 2 mile round trip, so I feel good about that. I DO miss running my 3 mile route and will have to work up to taking the girls with me on that one. Knowing that my girls are "watching" me run makes me push that much harder. They make me tougher & better.

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