Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Driver

Today was fun - we took the bikes out for a spin & we ALL had fun! At one point, Arthur had both girls in front & I was on the back, holding on for dear life! I actually TRIED to get a picture but didn't even get a shot off...thought the better of it & bailed off before I smashed my head & camera!

Here is today's Project 365 picture. Ava was very pushy with daddy on this thing. Apparently, she was complaining every time Arthur tried to steer! You can see in this picture that her hands are FIRMLY gripping the handle bars! Way to go my baby!

Kyra was on her Hello Kitty tricycle most of the time, so when daddy let her take the reigns of this baby, she was all smiles!

This Dora ATV packs some power! It startled Kyra when she pushed on the pedal! You gotta love that expression!

After the kids went down for their nap, we had a little something sweet that my hubby whipped up...he's crafty like that!

Layered from bottom to top:
  • chocolate covered caramel
  • crunchy peanut butter
  • dipped in Heath toffee pieces

Man, I LOVE me some sweets!!! This is so yummy...I love anything with peanut butter & chocolate.

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