Thursday, March 12, 2009


Ava had outpatient surgery this morning to fix her teary eyes! They had to probe her tear ducts on both eyes to stretch/enlarge them to allow proper drainage. It's a quick & simple procedure, but since they put her under anesthesia, it still had risks...minimal, but risks nonetheless.

We were up at 5 AM, out the door at 5:30 & at the hospital just after 6 AM! Ava was pretty good considering she was hungry, tired & in a strange place with lots of strange people poking around at her. I was able to go in with her to the operating room while they administered the gas...she did soooooo good, didn't scream, fuss or anything with the mask. She was very cooperative...then she was asleep! They scooped her out of my arms and layed her gently on the table. I gave her kisses and off I went, back to the waiting room for 10 whole minutes until they were done!

She's doing great & was able to resume life as normal by the time we got home...before lunchtime! Here is my P365 pic of the day...since the nurse in the recovery room offered to take a picture with the three of us. They were laughing because I brought my camera & was taking pics of Ava's little foot with the IV & monitor! I don't want to forget this day...she'll never be this exact size again!

I started my first quilt (other than my monstrous Hawaiian quilt) this past weekend and am so pumped because I finished piecing my quilt top! It's a disappearing 9 patch, but I only used 5 prints instead of 9. Here's all my lovely pieces ready to be sewn...I love all those pins & how cool they look all stacked up.

I did the chain thingy...where you sew the blocks back to back so they are all attached. Sew cool!!! (I know, I'm corny). My hubby had to stand waaaay back for me and I still didn't get them all in the pic.

Here's the top all put together. I'm working on a few ideas using freemotion stitching...maybe some decorative stitching (I'm loving that leaf stitch and it's oh-sew-easy)! I'm also thinking about the back...gotta make it special!

I am excited to keep sewing & make stuff I like. I'm gearing up to sell my stuff at Grace School's Spring Fling Carnival in Huntington Beach in May...and ideas for me on what I should make? I'd love to hear what you have to say or any tips you have for a fellow crafter! =)

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