Sunday, March 29, 2009

Project Improv

I joined Project Improv at the last minute...last week! I committed to making at least 1 wonky log cabin block for charity & the deadline is April 1st. I really busted my tail to get these done...and it was my first time to top it off! I ended up making 2 for charity & 1 for me. Here is what I learned while making these fun blocks...

  1. I need to use THICKER strips as I work to the outside...they were getting sooooo small!
  2. It really sucks to over trim...measure twice & cut once...correctly!!!!
  3. Minky is not easy to quilt with!
  4. I prefer to press the seams open vs. to one just lays so much flatter & nicer!
  5. If you sew over pins, you'll hit them eventually (or often if you're me)!
  6. I REALLY liked using Mary Ellen's Best Press (clear startch alternative)...makes the fabric nice & crisp & easy to work with.
  7. If you iron your raised dots brown minky fabric, you will no longer have raised dots!!!!
  8. I get really attached to my work..
  9. I really love sewing.
  10. I can't wait to do more sewing for charity.

Next time, I think I'll use lots more variety in the thickness of the strips. The minky was harder to work with, but I just LOVE texture and it seemed to work well with my blocks. I think I'll use more courdoroy was very cooperative for me & added that texture that I love.

Block #1

The white is minky, the brown strips on the outside are minky w/raised dots, the brown strips inside are corduroy. I had to add the Michael Miller Hawaiian girl print in each one since I am part Hawaiian! =)

Block #2
Block #3 - This is the one I's also the one I over trimmed!
P.S. I literally kissed the blocks before I sent them off in the was hard to let them go but I know they will be put to good use! Find out more about Project Improv here:

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