Thursday, January 28, 2010

Belly, Bugs, Bautista!

Hi Peeps!  I'm still taking a bunch of pictures & here are some of my favorites lately...Ava playing in the fountain at night time...check out that belly sticking out!

 Kyra started Pre-School last week...she's doing great & fitting right in.
We are so proud of you Kyra girl!  =)
I loved these birds just hanging out...reminds me of music sheets...
I love taking pictures of bugs with the macro lens...this is a cool & very tiny, very green bug!  I think it's an aphid or something...not easy to get in focus...any slight movement of the camera causes it to blur.
With all the recent rain, I've had a few opportunities to capture some fun shots...I thought these rain drops looked amazing on this fuzzy looking plant!
Ava set up her Matchbox cars on the TV tray...I loved how they looked all lined up!
My new Sakura & Pilot pens arrived from  I am totally loving how the Sakura Glaze & Souffle pens write & FEEL!  They are embossing pens & don't require any special powder or heating tools...sweeeeeet!  Can you see how they give a raised appearance in the picture below?

Here's a recent Etsy order that shipped to the east coast...hope you love your new wallet Rachel!

Visited the CHA SuperShow in Anaheim this past weekend with Kyra...parking was a challenge but we managed our way inside.  Don't you just love this cool looking building?!  I stuck my camera out the car window for this quick shot!

enjoyed some of the make & takes...

got my "Collage Unleashed" book autographed (and doodled) by Mixed Media artist Traci Bautista.  I am taking her online workshop, "Creative SOUL" right now and am really enjoying it.  We get our lessons once a week & then have a live chat once a week as well.  Her style is fun, playful, free & quick...pretty dope if you ask me! 

Here is a shot of me, Kyra & Traci...Kyra insisted on being in the middle!

It was so cool meeting you Traci!  Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us & make us feel so special. 

Here are some freshly planted flowers...which is why they are so dirty!  I'm lovin these colors though...

Here is another little green bug making his way on the new flowers...

At the park for a little fun while big sister is at school...
 then off to the library...but first we have a little snack on the steps.  =)
This sculpture in front of the library is pretty amazing...I just had to capture it...

What are you taking pictures of these days???  What inspires you or catches your eye? 

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  1. Could Kyra be any cuter!?! I don't think so! You two with Traci are darling! Kathy J


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