Thursday, January 14, 2010

Link Love & Texture Hunt!

I love taking pictures and last year I took on Project 365 & ended up with a TON of amazing pictures at the end of the year.  I got more familiar with my camera & tried a lot of new techniques, angles & actions.  One of my new favorite photography blogs is MCP Actions.  Another great resource for FREE actions is here on Pioneer Woman Photography.  My girlfriend Kristin is an amazing photographer & I am her biggest can soak up all her inspiration pics here on her blog.  Add them to your reader & learn how to add the wow factor to your pictures!  =)

You can join Project 365 with me right here & share your pictures with the group!

Today's "nature walk" with the girls today was more of a texture & inspiration hunt.  Check out the glass patio table...

  This is the community BBQ...waaaay up close!  I am practicing using my macro it!

This is me looking up at the gazebo...I really love how it turned out in black & white...all those lines & angles...very spiderweb-ish!

I love to take pictures of bugs too...especially with my macro lens.  It's somewhat difficult to zoom in close enough, but not too much as to make everything just blurry.  Any slight movement in this mode will cause the picture to come out blurry...this was the best one I got. 

 A cool looking mossy tree...

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Typically, I do some quick & dirty editing in Picasa (free from Google) & then spice them up in Photoshop with some of my favorite's easy, fun & highly addictive if you're in to it!  Now bust out your camera & start shooting!


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