Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Letting Go...For a Good Cause!

I just love creating art and sewing my heart out...I really do put the LOVE into my work and hope that when people receive my creations they enjoy them as much as I did when I made them.  It's hard for me to let them go sometimes, but I totally believe in the causes & people that I am able to contribute to from the sale of my goodies.

This year, I have really enjoyed a whole new world of crafting...mixed media!  I love it because ANYTHING rules!  =)  Inspired by Traci Bautista, mixed media guru and author of the best selling book, "Collage Unleashed," I ventured into the world of painting in a free and spontaneous manner.  Then comes the layers of texture, collage and free motion much fun and totally addicting!  One of my favorite things about it is recycling & UPcycling paper & other things that would otherwise end up in a landfill as trash!

These 5 mini books are for a swap that I am participating in for the "Collage Unleashed" yahoo group.  Each of the participants are to create 5 mini books & send them off to the host...we get a return package of 5 assorted books from other artists!  What fun!

So here are the mini books I created...

hand painted papers...
I UPcycled an old dress that I got from my sewing class to create the red hearts!!!

UPcycled papers, various stencils and free motion sewing...

all tied together with string...have I told you how much I just love this stuff??!!

Here is my table with plenty of things going on!  Victorious for Elizabeth & Lymenaide mini books in the works... well as the Victorious for Lyme Wrist Cuffs in the back...

...and some new things to help in the Gulf Rescue & Clean-Up efforts...

I have a show planned for Saturday, July 24th at the Cypress Community Festival & will be featuring several projects I'm working on for one charity or another.

I hope you'll stop by my booth, learn about Lyme disease & pick up some unique handmade creations, all made with love for a good cause. =)

If you are interested in contributing something on behalf of these or other charities, please let me know & I will make them available at my booth.  You can email me at:, or leave me a comment below.

Happy Creating!


  1. Can't see the pics of the mini books... maybe it's my 'puter not sure. Love all your stuff btw. Love the Lyme donations too of course!

  2. thanks for the heads up girlie...I see them on my end so I'm not sure...sometimes the links go bad for me too!

  3. i could not see your mini...come back later...bye

  4. okay, tried to fix the links...should be good now! Thanks for stopping by ladies! =)

  5. I can see everything and it looks great!

    I have decided that I don't need to move to LA. You need to move here! Rent's cheaper!!!

    I sent a wallet off to Helen for Elizabeth's fundraiser. What are you sending?

  6. Your books turned out great! Love the painted pages. I'm in the swap too--maybe I'll get one of yours!

  7. I love your work, all is beautiful. And i am in love with your wallets, so great.

  8. i love your art....I'm in creative unleashed ning group too :-)

  9. Nani...these are wonderful! Thanks for sharing all your beautiful art!! xoxo

  10. How did you bind the mini journals? thanks.

  11. Hi Patticar2. =) I sewed them with a 3.0 or bigger size stitch on my sewing machine...nothing fancy, just line them up in the middle & go for it. =)


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