Sunday, August 28, 2011

Victorious For Elizabeth Open House Fundraiser

Here are the pictures from the Victorious For Elizabeth Open House Fundraiser that I did with my friend Shawnna this past May.

Here I am, making a long balloon strand to be placed on top of my booth outside so people can find us!  
Yes, I'm kicking up my leg & being silly because...well, that's what I do best!

Here is Shawnna's son, helping me to contain the 60+ balloons that were stashed in my car.  Good thing I had plenty...a number of them escaped our best efforts to control them!

Isn't he the cutest helper!

After I was done filling them up, I strategically went around the neighborhood and paired them up with 
"Open House" signs and posters, in hopes of directing passing traffic to us....I wish I had taken some pictures of our looked really nice!

When I got back, it was "go" time...I set up my booth & was ready for the day's events!  
Here is the new peg board that my friend's mom gave me to display my goodies...thanks Vickie!!!

Here is some of my work for the Victorious For Lyme: Art Quilt Series that is in progress...
I take it out every so often and add to it when I can.

More goodies on display...

Autographed copies of Elizabeth Chalker's compelling book, 

Here is Ty, his wife Eileen & their two beautiful girls.  I went to Jr. High school with Ty & invited him to check out the Open House...I was so thrilled to see him after so many years had passed.  Eileen ended up being a big winner of many of the raffle items & some of the auction items as well...
Thanks so much for your support!!!

Here is another shot of some of the Victorious For Lyme: Art Quilt Series pieces on display, 
as well as the scrappy wrist cuffs & funky headbands for sale.

Shawnna's mom, Nancy, donated these amazing cupcakes to the fundraiser...yummmmm!!!

Hair stylist Megan Hernandez from "The Style Lounge" in Fountain Valley donated her time & Featherlocks services to help Elizabeth.  I had a purple & green one put in my hair in honor of Elizabeth & Lyme Awareness month...I LOVED it & it stayed in my hair for 2 months!!
Thanks so much Megan!  =)

These beautiful (and edible) butterflies were donated by "Sweet DejaVu"

and lots of wine donated by One Hope Wine & Jackson Family Enterprises.

I'm striking a pose!


Here is the poster sized print that I made for Elizabeth's fundraiser...I love how it turned out!

Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of a number of vendors, we also put together an online auction & are the goodies that were offered up:

All in all, it was a successful event...we raised over $1000 to help Elizabeth!  It is a respectable amount, but well short of the tens of thousands of dollars still needed for her ongoing medical treatment.  If you'd like to
make a donation to help Elizabeth, please visit her website:
Click on the link below & it will take you to my Picasa Web Albums where you can view the complete collection of pictures from the event.

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