Saturday, January 31, 2009

3 Days of Adventure

Here are my Project 365 pictures for the past few days...enjoy!

THURSDAY, 1/29/2009

This is not an easy time for most families out there. Financial pressures are at an all time high & every time I see the news, it's seemingly getting darker & bleaker by the minute.

I've had more down days lately than usual, so it was very theraputic to get some good shots of what is most important to family. Here is a rare shot of Arthur...he's very camera shy. I love his interaction with the girls. They just love daddy!

FRIDAY, 1/30/2009

This is Jordan - a potential future son-in-law! Actually he's my good friend's (Lisa) son. He came home with from today's big adventure at the park so Lisa could take care of some business.
He's always well behaved for me & plays well with my girls. They just adore him and so do I.

Here he is intensely focused on Perle beads & putting them on the pegboard. My kids LOVE doing this & it keeps their hands busy.
Anyhow, I loved getting up close & seeing those lashes in all their glory. He is very photogenic & I never have a problem getting a good shot of him. =)

Thanks Jordan!

Sepia & adjusted highlights & shadows in Picasa, Quick Edge Burn in PS...I'm addicted to this action!!!

SATURDAY, 1/31/2009

Today we ventured with my parents to my cousins birthday/graduation party in West Covina. He double majored in international business & marketing! Way to go Leighton!
It was a beautiful day & my girls were gazing at the pool & listening to it summon them. I captured this shot of my Kyra girl & she's awfully cute when she's happy! =)
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Sewing Stuff: I'm continuing to do something everyday. Today I shortened the straps on the dresses they wore to the party (Kyra's pictured above...and Ava's is the same in green). I also completed the quilted top pieces to both wallets...did some quick chain stitching the other morning. It's time I picked up my Hawaiian quilt again...keep stitching away! I'm 3/4 done with the section I'm working on and then it's time to move to the BIG outside piece...yeah!
Exercise Stuff: I went for a great 2 mile walk at Central Park in Huntington Beach on Friday. That park ROCKS!!! It is dog & stroller friendly, great scenic route & challenging hills too! There is a playground & fitness gurus go there to teach classes! Anyhow, that was fun...we stopped along the way and did some of the trail exercises with the kids...AWESOME! I even did a bit of a pull-up...which is good for chicks! Later that night, I played softball & hit the ball well so that made me happy. It was a good time with my family there. Sorry Chris - we just gotta get on the SAME team already!! =)

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