Sunday, February 6, 2011

Steelers or Packers???

Since my Bears are no longer in contention...I don't have much invested into the big Superbowl game today. I do have a friend who is a HUGE Steelers fan & I picked up this Steelers fabric with him in mind. I mixed it with some solid Kona fabric & one of my skull prints from my's coming together pretty nicely! 

I had to get over my feeling of disloyalty while sewing least they're not in the same division!

Here is my little Bears fan, giving her fiercest growl!  There is a lot of cheering & yelling when the game is on...usually done by me, then followed by my two mini-me's!  Gotta get them started early ya know!
Whoever your team is, bust out your jersey, get your game face on & get ready for some football! =)
Have fun & be safe!

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  1. Such a cute picture with all of you gals in your jerseys!


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