Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bundle of Fun!

This is Ava. She is my 17 month-old bundle of fun. I've noticed that I usually take more pics of my 3 year-old (she's a camera hog & being a little cutie doesn't hurt either) so I wanted to capture my little "Booga-Booga" in action. Here's my Project 365 pic for today:

I did a lot of playing around to try to salvage this shot--it is rather blurry.
PW: Quick Edge Burn
TRA2: Slice Like A Ninja (Sharpen)

I've been feeling pretty good physically and have been getting back to running. I started the day off with a little yoga to get the blood flowing & stretch out my sore muscles. We were expecting some possible rain today, so I wanted to go for a run before it started. I bundled up the girls, loaded up the double stroller & ran to the park. We had the whole playground to ourselves! Before long, Ava wandered to a nearby patch of flowers so I snapped a few shots, trying to get a good pic...this wasn't as clear as I'd hoped for, but what can you expect with her moving all over the place! =)

SOOC - this pic isn't edited...yet...but still wanted to share it with you!

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On the way home, we stopped at 7-11 for a little treat. Kyra picked gummy bears & I picked Fritos (hey, I work out to pork out)! It started to drizzle while we were inside so I ran, ran, ran home quick!

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