Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Stuff

Man oh man...I just LOVE going shopping at Jo-Ann's (or any crafty store). I went to pick up the fusible interfacing & a cool tool to add snaps for my quilted wallet. Picked those puppies up & headed for more thread (can never have enough) and browse the fabric isles.

I found these 3 and am brainstorming on what to DO with them now...creativity is brewing!
I was looking for something to catch my eye & really wanted something Asian inspired.

I am trying to take a picture everyday for the whole year...aka "Project 365." So far, so good but I haven't actually DONE anything with them. Here is today's picture with some Picasa & Photoshop love added! I could tweak out on this for hours & hours...

My nieces Chase & Cali, my daughters Kyra & Ava! I thought of monkeys at the zoo when I had them behind the bars!

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