Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Can't Label Me

Today started off with a short nature walk with the girls to once again try my hand at some macro shots. Here are a couple I took:

I call this one, "Leaf Me Alone!" Cheesy, I know!

I am really trying to set up my shots with better composition & trying new/interesting angles. I thought these flowers were delicate & beautiful.

Then we were off to the library for Storytime with Mrs. Campbell. Today's theme was dragons in honor of Chinese New Year (despite it being the year of the Ox) and there was a good turnout, which always makes for more friends & more fun!

Mrs. Campbell always does finger play, songs and other activities that require participation, in addtion to reading aloud. Today, Kyra made her way to the front row & made sure to join in on the fun! Ava is all the way in the back...it's easier to sneak away, don't 'cha know?!

...and she snuck off alright! I liked the angle of this one (SOOC)

Finally, here's my P365 shot of the day, "Can't Label Me." She parked at the table with the name tags & made her mark! I love the focus in her face!

I also wanted to get some fun tub time pics of the girls. I bumped the shutter speed way up & got some cool water action shots! Yet, another picture of Ava!

I'm still sewing & I try to do something everyday...keep building the skills! I finished the top pieces for the 2 wallets I'm making & am working on making a few adjustments this time around. I thought a wrist strap would be nice (since I always seem to have my hands full), move the top pocket down a smidge & use a heavier interfacing to give it more structure.

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