Monday, January 26, 2009

Quite A Lady!

Another beautiful day...another nature walk and this time I recruited the neighborhood kids to help me find something to photograph. I wanted to practice using my macro lens, so flowers & bugs were my test subjects!

The first bug was stepped off we went to find something else! My Kyra girl spotted this ladybug just chillin' on her little leaf. I was so excited I jumped into the bushes (the kids were just looking at me like a crazy lady) and snapped away. It is NOT EASY to get a clear shot! I took many, pics & was thrilled to get some good ones.

Here's today's P365 shot of the day, "Quite A Lady."

PW - boost, quick edge burnTRA - Boutwell Magic Glasses


Here are my runner-ups that didn't make the cut...but I had to post!

My Ava girl! She loves these beads...and it keeps her little hands busy!

I really liked the composition of this picture, but the BUG came out blurry...

And this was inspired by some of the pics posted in my Project 365 flickr group...

The Spradley kids set up the trampoline in front of their basketball hoop so they could dunk. These pics were so FUN! Here's my favorite of the bunch...

On the sewing front, I finished up the last 2 pot holders, started 2 more quilted wallets & fixed 2 shirts that needed repair. I love the practical side of sewing. It's so handy! My goal is to make 10 wallets to list on ETSY, as well as some other things.

Since I've been a stay-at-home-mama & out of the workforce for over 3 years now, I'm definetly feeling pretty helpless with the finances. I am throwing around a bunch of ideas, from opening my ETSY store to teaching kickboxing again. This down economy has hit us really hard and I am more grateful for the simple neccesities than ever.

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