Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

This is how I started my day...
and it's SOOC (straight out of camera) - I loved how this turned out!
It finally rained today, marking the end of our summer-in-the-winter weather & plans to go outside for a nature walk. Instead, I busted out the "make-your-own sock puppets" kit from the pile of recent Christmas gifts & we got crafty!

At one point, Ava stood up...then Kyra & they both stared at the rain outside. I am trying new things & I got so many good shots today that I had a hard time choosing, but this captured the DAY the best. Plus my girls are in it!!! =) Here's my "Project 365" picture of the day.

Ava is laughing on demand now, so I used this opportunity to get some happy pics & sneak a peek at her new teeth...hehehe! She was very cooperative & here's what I captured...but haven't done much editing to...yet! I just love her little face here!

This is SOOC (straight out of camera) -
I tried to get some pics of the rain while cracking open the back door...but this was the best I could do with Ava doing her best to push her way out past me & outside!
I couldn't resist jumping outside with an umbrella to try shooting the raindrops...

My camera batteries died & I had to use my CELL PHONE to grab this shot:

I knew I was losing light fast & the sun was on it's way down...I rushed to get my partially charged rechargeable batteries & shoved them in my camera. Here's what I managed to get:

I worked on my remaining 2 pot holders and will probably finish them tomorrow...almost done. I've got my new fabric in the dryer, so I'll be ready for something new...what next?!

One of my goals is to get an Etsy shop going & sell some goodies. I need a good name & logo...something that would look good on a label! Contemporary yet edgy...modern and vintage feel...any ideas???

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